Advanced, real-time vehicle and asset tracking


Astrata’s GLP100 is a compact, technologically advanced GPS tracking device with embedded antennas for GSM and GPS enclosed in a weatherproof IP67 rated form factor housing.

The Astrata GLP100 can be rapidly installed in any vehicle or asset since there are no antennas to mount and no antenna cable to route through the vehicle. For basic track and trace, only three wires must be connected to the vehicles electrical system. The GLP100 operates in SMS and GPRS modes using 128 bit AES encryption, this gives it the ability to transmit its position securely as a text message and can be monitored in real-time via Astrata’s Geo-Location System (GLS) – a Windows client-server solution or via the GLS-Web solution hosted at Astrata’s premises in a secure environment. The GLP platform allows advanced features and applications to be catered for.

The GLP100 benefits from the following:

  • Large storage capacity
  • High speed 2 wire RS485 communications bus provides expandability for additional sensors, data devices and other options
  • 3 Axis Accelerometers provide hi-resolution data for accident buffer, driver profiling (Optional Module)
  • Factory tested for shock and temperature
  • RF transceiver beacon accommodates remote sensors for trailers and inter-GLP communication possibilities
  • Ease of installation is also aided by the use of dedicated PDA software which analyse all connections to the GLP and ensures that GSM and GPS reception are optimised by the unit installation location
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