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The Astrata Group is a global leader in enterprise management software and advanced location-based IT services (telematics) to enterprise and government. Addressing multiple verticals, Astrata’s proprietary solutions are relied upon by major MNCs, Governments, and Companies to manage and optimize their businesses and operations.

How We Do It

Astrata designs, develops and operates its proprietary software and hardware technology completely in-house. Astrata has built solutions ranging from National Security and Public Safety Systems to Comprehensive Enterprise Management Software to Advanced Fleet Management Systems on its powerful and agile technology platforms:

  • ADAMS™Cutting Edge Enterprise Management Software
  • GLS™/GLSi™/Fleetvisor™Advanced Location Based Backend Software and Web Portals
  • GLP™ SeriesBest-in-Class On Board Computer Hardware
Products and Solutions

Astrata AFMS - Advanced Fleet Management System

Astrata’s Advanced Fleet Management System–Astrata AFMS–maximizes the productivity of fleet operations, eliminating unnecessary cost and saving valuable time, providing real-time actionable data in the most accessible format…

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Astrata HTVTS – Hazmat National Security and Public Safety System

Relied upon by governments such as Singapore’s to ensure the safety and security of their populations, —Astrata HTVTS–prevents hazardous cargo from being transported near or around sensitive areas such as educational institutions, government buildings, malls, and assures that such vehicles adhere to the strictest of time and zone constraints…

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ADAMS™- Enterprise Management Software

Astrata’s powerful and agile management software solution–ADAMS™— optimizes business operations and integrates multiple data sources in a consolidated SaaS platform at the centre of an enterprise’s operations.  An invaluable management tool, ADAMS allows business to streamline operations, increase productivity, reduce costs and enhance safety and security…

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Astrata IVMS - Driver Safety and Profiling Solution

Using a vast array of external and internal sensors and proprietary algorithms, Astrata IVMS accurately monitors driver behaviour, trends, driving patterns and violations to ensure that vehicles and equipment are operated in an efficient, safe, secure and law abiding manner, while vastly enhancing operator safety…

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Astrata Airline and Airport Management Solutions

Astrata Airline and Airport Solutions provide a fully-integrated system that dynamically links crew scheduling, ground-segment vehicle location and status, flight scheduling, equipment maintenance and other key sources of information to optimize the ground-segment operations via a single comprehensive system…

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Astrata Cold Safe – Cold Chain Management Solution

Astrata Cold Safe ensures proper temperature and ambient conditions in the transport of food and temperature sensitive goods such as pharmaceuticals.  Employing remote multiple-compartment temperature range monitoring and compliance, with real-time exception-based alerts, Astrata Cold Safe has become a critical solution for major food/supermarket retailers and pharmaceutical companies…

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Astrata Food and Supermarket Retail - Transport and Logistics Solutions

Using an array of door, temperature and weight sensors, and the ability to remotely lock and monitor cargo doors, Astrata Food & Supermarket Retail Solutions customers monitors the status of, and ensure the integrity of their cargo and trailers in real-time, including recorded video footage in and around the trailer and cargo hold…

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Astrata Premium Secure - High Value Cargo Solutions

Astrata’s solutions provide real-time location, heading, status and speed data for all associated vehicles, while employing sensor, camera and video technology, geo-locks and exception based alerts. Astrata Premium Secure is the critical transit and supply chain real-time security solution for discerning government and enterprise customers in multiple regions throughout the world…

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iFleet Response - Emergency Responder Solutions

Astrata’s iFleet Response a system to ensure optimal performance of emergency service vehicles—including fire trucks, ambulances, and EMTs.  When minutes can mean the difference between life and death, Astrata iFleet dynamically extends the reach of command centre dispatchers real-time monitoring with streaming video allowing for the rapid deployment of vital additional remote assistance to teams on the ground…

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iFleet Reserve - Integrated Pool Vehicle Management Solutions

Maximizing the productivity, efficiency and safety of pool vehicles is often a difficult endeavour for government agencies and private enterprises alike.  Astrata’s iFleet Reserve combines the ability to book vehicles through an online portal operating in conjunction with an electronic key management system; provides live tracking and transport management and enables real-time status of each vehicle, driver, booking status and location…

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Astrata Fuel Focus - Dynamic Fuel Management Solutions

Fuel consumption represents one of the largest operational costs in transportation. Astrata Fuel Focus is a proven system designed to dynamically measure and manage the use of fuel within the transport network, employing various methods to monitor fuel usage in real time. Data is processed on Astrata’s GLS™ backend system to provide reports that allow companies to greatly improve the efficiency of their fleet operations…

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Astrata Border Transit Solutions

Astrata Border Transit Solutions provide highly sophisticated turn-key solutions for governments seeking to enhance security in transit, border control and public safety. The solutions provided include route, time and regulation compliance, cargo/trailer integrity, and border-to-destination transit assurance. Security and safety conscious transporters and governments on three Continents depend on Astrata’s Border Transit Solutions…

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Astrata Personal Tracking Solutions

Discreet, palm sized personnel tracking device provides invaluable data, peace of mind and a sense of security by allowing a lone worker to alert an operator with a precise location immediately when the panic button is pressed while working in secluded places…

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Astrata First

Keeping track of fixed and mobile assets is essential. If you are aware of their location and movement – logistics and asset management can be significantly improved…

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Why Astrata?
  • Leading provider of powerful and agile Enterprise Management Software—ADAMS™— that integrates and processes data from multiple sources (eg-ERP, FMS, HR) for a powerful, single interface business optimization solution.
  • Advanced Location Based Solutions for Enterprise and Government worldwide with an array of features and functionality options rarely found in a single provider.
  • Cutting Edge IoT Solutions incorporating robust telematics, video streaming, DVR, real-time sensor technology, GPS and denied GPS denied (eg-underground) tracking, and much more.
  • Developed and currently support the most advanced National Security and Public Safety Systems of their kind, relied upon by governments for the protection and safety of their populations.
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  • Developing and deploying next generation smart initiatives, including autonomous vehicle, dynamic vehicle control, smart highway and smart city projects.
  • Powerful Data Analytics Tools.
  • Global Footprint spanning 5 continents.
  • Offices and operations in dozens of countries, with major regional offices in Singapore; Eindhoven, Netherlands; Auckland, NZ; Melbourne, Australia; and the UAE.
Astrata Sectors Served
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing & Production
  • Transport
  • Fleet Operators
  • Retail
  • Vehicle & Equipment OEM’s
  • Government
  • Airlines and Airports
  • Chemical and Gas
  • Oil and Gas
  • Rental Fleets
  • Insurance
  • Cash In Transit
  • Next Generation Smart Technology Initiatives
  • National Security and Public Safety
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Astrata is a premier provider of advanced location based solutions

The Astrata Group has business units and operations in Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and The Americas.